News Flash!
September 2012

Dear TUJATANE Supporter,
HOORAY! It's nearly Christmas!

We are delighted to inform you that our 2012 Christmas Card is now available

Our 2012 Christmas Card - size A6

This is a single card with the six smiley Tujatane faces in Santa hats

Designed by Marie Price and photographed by David Fettes - 'Happy Tujatane kids in Santa hats'

We would like to thank Nigel Stubley from Northend Creative Print Solutions for once again donating the printing.

Every card bought we get 100% profit.

Cards come in packs and the more you buy, the cheaper they get! This year we are only selling in the UK.

By purchasing and giving a card from Tujatane this Christmas, you will directly be helping children at Tujatane. Every single penny we receive goes direct to the kids.

Pack of 12 (4 x 3) = 5.00 (41p)

Pack of 24 (4 x 6) = 9.00 (37.5p)

Pack of 40 (4 x 10) = 14.00 (35p)

Pack of 100 (4 x 25) = 30.00 (30p)

To find out more (plus postage costs) or place an order please email Silvia at
(only for sale in the UK).

All the proceeds go straight to the school feeding program which feeds all 196 children a much needed breakfast and lunch every day.

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UK Charity Status - "The Charitable Trust for The Tongabezi Trust School"
Registration number 1096710

Newsletters will be put on our school website under updates and details on making a donation through the UK charity are also on

Comments/feedback welcomed

The Tongabezi Trust School
PO Box 60113, Livingstone, Zambia

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